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Ideally, of course, you shouldnt be putting any fats or oils down the drain, but forcing them into the disposal with cold water will at least keep them in their solid form. Once ground up into tiny particles, theyre less likely to cause clogs as they flow through the plumbing with the rest of the food waste. It may be true that running lemons or limes through the disposal makes the sink smell better for a short time, but that doesnt mean its any cleaner. The citric acid in these fruits isnt strong enough to actually disinfect or remove stale food from the disposal, but it can cause the metal inside to corrode over time. Even worse, that pleasant citrus scent can mask the foul odors that might otherwise warn you of a more serious problem in your plumbing. 4: You Can Put Any Food Waste in the Disposal The garbage disposal is a remarkable piece of technology, but it has limitations . Hard, solid waste such as egg shells, chicken bones, or fruit pits will break or wear down the disposal very quickly. Stringy, fibrous foods like corn husks, celery, and banana peels can become entangled in the impellers and plug up the drain. Starchy materials like potato peels are often quite difficult for disposals to handle. As a general rule, if its something you cant chew, then your garbage disposal probably cant either.


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